No idea what's going on in your team?

Ask them!

What's up Team sends out one simple email to collect what everybody is up to. The following day, we'll inform all of you. That will kill your status meeting and help your team to stay in touch even better.

What's the story behind What's up Team?

Even as a small team we often had the problem that one didn't know what stuff the others were exactly working on. Working from different locations made staying up to date even more complicated. At the same time, we didn't want to hang out in meetings, easily slipping in endless discussions.
A simple overview from a bird's eye perspective would be more than enough. What was last week, what's going on this week, which questions are arising? Existing tools were buggy and didn't bring the result we were looking for. So it was on us to build one - What's up Team was born.
Team collaboration

In order to kill your status meeting and make a starting point for future discussions, What's up Team will send you a weekly email with 3 simple questions:

  1. What have you been working on last week?
  2. What will you work on this week?
  3. What do you need to know or say?

Answers are limited to five. No braggin about stupid longlists, just focus on what is relevant. You can of course change the questions send to your team.

Good reasons why What's up Team
will boost your teamwork